Can telemarketing help Australian businesses increase sales?

The answer is, of course “Yes!"

Sales success always comes back to one thing: getting your message across to as many targeted potential prospects as possible.

If you’re like most businesses, you probably already have advertising and marketing strategies in place to generate sales leads. However, usually these are passive and rely on prospects contacting you.

Telemarketing is a proactive strategy that enables you to deliver a personalised message to key decision makers within your defined target market. A telephone call allows a two way conversation so that your sales message can be adapted to the individual needs of each prospect. During the conversation, key information is collected creating a sales profile which can be used to close the sale.

To give you an idea of the reach of telemarketing and conversion rates, we have gathered the following stats internally and from our clients.

On average:

1 full time telesales agent will make anywhere between 24,000 to 37,000 phone calls per year depending on the length of engagement per call with a targeted prospect.

1 full time telesales agent will have meaningful conversations with anywhere between 25% - 45% of calls made who are decision makers per year.

Our agents convert 25% of these decision makers into an immediate sales lead.

Based on these stats, a full time telesales agent can generate anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000 new sales opportunities per year.

Want more sales leads? Add another telemarketer.

Want less – part time telemarketers will do the trick. The beauty of Telemarketing is scalability based on your business needs.

Will telemarketing work for every business? Not necessarily...

Telemarketing is labour intensive, so the cost of telemarketing for a low priced product or service may not be offset by the revenue generated. You need to consider the lifetime value of a new client and the return on investment required to make the strategy viable.

So can telemarketing help Australian businesses generate more sales? Absolutely...

If you want to generate sales and the ROI stacks up, telemarketing is a proven strategy that should form part of your sales and marketing mix. Team Wired delivers the highest quality telemarketing services throughout Australia.

Protecting and enhancing your brand is our top priority.

Get in touch with one of our Team Wired consultants today to find out more about how telemarketing can help your business.