How to sell a product in 60 seconds or less

In order to succeed in marketing it is important that you should use effective sales techniques. One important thing to note is that the audiences do not have much time to spend viewing your products or listening to you.

You have to use the least time possible and ensure within that short period you have provided all the information required. This might not be easy for many marketers, but it is possible.

Here are some sales tips that can help you sell a product in 60 seconds or less.

1. Start by defining the problem and solution

When selling a product or service in the first few seconds you should be able to outline the existing problems by use of a language that attracts the attention of the audience. After identification of the problem then present the solution by showing how the products or services meets the demand. Avoid use of jargons and figures that may confuse the audience or make them fail to understand your message. This will also ensure you use the shortest time possible. You need to understand that every word used counts and you do not have a chance to use extra verbiage because you have sixty seconds or less to grab the interest of the audience.

Only use relevant words in the short period you have to showcase your products and services. In overall, be specific as much as you can.

2. Engage your audience

In order to ensure that your message is understood by the target audience you must engage them in the process. The most effective way to engage them is to have prompt questions. Such questions will help the audience make reflections as they find for the answers based on the information about the products and services you provide to them. This will help them make quick decisions to buy your brand within a very short time.

3. Remain enthusiastic

You need to be interested in what you have to say in order to make the target audience get interested too. Note that no one will get interested in your products and services if you do not demonstrate enthusiasm as you promote them. Passion is key to make sure you sell the products within the sixty seconds or less. In case you are making a sales call grab the attention of the audience and make them interested too.

4. Use friendly headlines

In case you are selling your products on social media - let the first sentence or headline be friendly according to the social media you are using. For example, let the first sentence be Facebook or Twitter friendly. Describe the product or service offered with less than one forty characters or less. It should be short enough, but catchy, memorable and distinctive. In case you are working in a call center be clear in your calls and brief to ensure that by sixty seconds you have already sold your entire marketing idea. Grab the attention of your listener in the first fifteen seconds and they will definitely like to hear more.

By following the above tips you stand a high chance of attaining your goals of selling your product in sixty seconds or less.