Expert Marketing Predictions – Is 2014 the year of personalization?

Big data was the big thing in 2013. According to execs in marketing, technology and research, 2014 will be all about personalization. Here are five of the most talked about marketing predictions from across the web.

Machine Learning Will Disrupt Every Business

For marketers planning their 2014 priorities, it's a good rule of thumb to listen to the industry's most powerful billionaire on the front lines.

Big Data Will Become Smart Data

The marketing insights report used to be the crown jewel of data. But according to a leading researcher, those guiding nuggets for the masses are no longer enough.

Recommendation Engines Aren't Just For Giants

Some of the biggest online retailers in the world have a plethora of sales driven by recommendation engines. Yes, those personalized messages -- "If you liked this book/movie/song then you might like these" -- drive huge revenue. For marketers and agencies without a staff of data scientists, predictive analytics providers are leveling the playing field.

Permission Marketing Goes Beyond Loyalty Programs

Loyalty marketers are experts at successfully collecting some of our most private data, from drug store purchases and hotel stays to travel destinations and food preferences. In 2014 those skills will extend to marketing vehicles beyond the points card.

Authentication Will Take A Bite Out Of The Cookie

Tracking our online behavior was easy when we all sat at one computer. But the much-maligned cookie -- that little text file that follows us from site to site -- loses its power when we switch devices (laptop, tablet, mobile) and use apps. For anybody serving ads, relevance will increasingly require some kind of authorization (the "auth-in") by each person, which brings us right back to permission marketing and machine learning.

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