Telemarketing: Inside The Minds Of Business Prospects, What Do They Ask Themselves?

Too bad there are no mind readers in marketing, since if there was, you would know what exactly prospective sales leads are looking for. Your company would be able to address the needs of these prospects if only you know what they want. Even if reading minds is not possible during your lead generation campaign, experience and conversations with business prospects can help better understand what your business prospects are thinking about. Knowing what prospects are thinking about is half the battle. Being able to satisfy what your prospects are thinking will help you bag the B2B leads that you are looking for.

So, are you ready to take a sneak peek into the prospect’s mind? See for yourself:

“Should I do business with this person?”

The first ten seconds that you talk to prospects will determine your success or failure in the deal. Creating a good impression is very important at this stage, since a bored prospect will simple say no to your offer.

“Should I do business with the firm this person represents?”

This can mean two things: they do not know you yet (which is good news if you are positioning your business), or they already know you (which means they have some assumptions on you already). This is where your presentation skills will come to the fore, since how you present your business will determine the receptiveness of your prospects to your appointment setting call.

“Should I buy what this person is selling?”

Here, your task is to turn the two motivators of buyers, want and need, to your favor. Your prospects should want and need what you have to offer. Ask them some questions, know their pain, and see if they already have a solution already. Depending on how they answer, you could either have an easy job on the task, or you might have to go back to sales basics to compel them to buy. It might be necessary for you and your telemarketing team to adjust your pitch to feed on the desires of your prospects.

“Does the price and value worth my money and time?”

Make no mistake, your business prospects know what they need. The problem here is their wondering if what you offer is worth their investment. It might take a couple of nurturing sessions before you get any results but, as long as you can do it, you will make it.

“Is this the right time to buy?”

Sometimes, a business prospect may see your offer to be ill-appropriate at the present time. Sure, they are most likely to say ‘no’ to you, but you should still put some effort to make them remember you. If you succeed, by the time they need a specific business solution, your offer would come to their mind first.

It is not that hard to understand what is in the minds of business prospects. As long as you know where to start, what to answer them, and you deliver what you promise, your lead generation efforts will pay off.

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