4 Dumb Questions to Ask in a Telemarketing Campaign

When conducting telemarketing campaigns, it is important that you use a sales script to guide your business discussion. Not that you use it all that is written there verbatim. It is just there to make sure that you are going through the right flow. And while there are a lot of questions that you can ask your B2B lead generation prospects, it pays to know what kinds of questions you should be avoiding.

These are not only sure-fire ways to turn off potential sales leads, it also leads your conversation with them nowhere. And truly, there are at least four useless telemarketing questions that you should make it a point to avoid.

1. “Would you agree?

Customers can get really wary about that, since this will look like you are trying to manipulate them on saying ‘yes’. This might be innocuous enough for smaller items, but when such a question may cause others to raise their eyebrows in doubt. Indeed, they might know a thing or two about blocking you. Instead of that, why not ask your B2B leads prospects regarding their “priorities in their business?”. That would make them open up.

2. “If I can save you 20% on total costs, would you be interested in…”

you wanted to bait your business prospects about better cost savings by doing business with you. Now, what makes this irritating to business prospects, and why it shows how dumb your marketing campaign can get, its amateurism. You would only ask this because you do not know what to offer best. That would happen if you have not researched about your business prospect at all.

3. “Do you have the budget to purchase our services?”

I tell you, say that question to potential sales leads, and you can say goodbye to their business. It is a dumb question since your prospects will think that you are only after the money (all right, who are not interested in making a profit?), and that you will run up your price to match their budget (which would imply that you are going to cheat on them). Seriously, you should avoid such scenarios for the health of your business. A better question would be: “tell me more about your process of purchase decisions”. This will let you know what your prospects are looking for, and how you can tailor your sales pitch to suit them.

4. “Are you the main decision-maker?”

all right, you might have to ask this question because you want to save time and go straight to the ones holding the purse, but here is one thing you have to remember: you will rarely get to your destination. If you think that the person you are talking with on the phone is a gate-keeper, do not antagonize them. Simply ask for the names of the major stakeholders of the business. That should get you to the right decision-maker.
For the good of your lead generation campaign, please skip these questions. You can always employ or craft better ones.

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