B2B Telemarketing Tips – Keep Your Tongue from Tripping

Don’t think the romance of February is something you can’t relate to as a telemarketer. Take the idea of finally confessing to a crush or at least striking a conversation with them. You know that gripping paralysis that trips up your tongue? What about those awkward pauses? And finally, there’s the ever present threat of hearing N and O.

See? There’s not much difference at all! Besides, if you value B2B telemarketing as much as romantic relationships, then at least you've got your priorities right.

Shyness and hesitation really have no place in any task that requires resolve and dedication. You need that to ask the vital questions that can make or break potential leads. Failure to do so is one of the biggest mistakes telemarketers can make.

What are the basic goals of a telemarketing call? Budget? Need? Authority? Any attempt at achieving these goals is only compromised if telemarketers trip up their tongues:

  • Budget: Budgets are sensitive topics and asking about them can provoke some prospects into penny-pinching mode. However, just being afraid of that will deny you important facts like what the average budget is in your target market. Even at the risk of rejection, how can you pass up knowledge that will help deliver more cost-effective offers?
  • Need: If you think that a prospect has no need for your products or services, you might as well shoot yourself in the foot. Now. If you’re that depressed that you have no faith in your business, then why are you marketing it in the first place? What happened to market research? You don’t have enough facts? Get them as you call. Like budget, rejection is but a delay and it won’t stop you from trying again after knowing what they’re really looking for.
  • Authority: Are you afraid that you’re pitching the gatekeeper? Will your script fail to impress someone in a high position? The point of confirming a prospect’s authority is actually to save time. If you already determined a budget and a need, why would you still be intimidated by their position? Put it in another way, why worry about it when it will only tell you if a person will give you that information?

Not to get all guru on you, but the things you want really are on the other side of fear. You have plenty of opportunities after your first try. Sometimes you win on it, other times you don’t but you start winning after learning from your loss. Don’t be like the guy who blubbers and trips just from standing in front of his lady.

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