Telemarketing for Small & Medium Business – Why it Works

Telemarketing is all about Relationships! How many times have you been wandering throughout your day, and unexpectedly met someone, had a little chat, exchanged pleasantries and moved on?

It happens all the time. Every time we meet someone we etch a brand new neural pathway in our minds and our hearts. We literally rewire ourselves for the new world we just entered, a world where we now have a new relationship. That is the crux of why Telemarketing is so successful. It sets up lots of new relationships.

Telemarketing and Relationships

(Telemarketing + Time) x Relationships = New Business

It’s a pretty easy formula. Each time you pick up the phone and speak with a new prospect, you generate a new relationship, and cast another baited line in the ocean. The more helpful we can be in our relationships, the more nurturing, the more we tend to our gardens, the more they grow and blossom. So, we need to be sure in each conversation that we have, that we are focused on what we can do for them and for us instead of I. When we are “service” focused it appeals to far more powerful part of the psyche than does seeking one’s own gain. So, we’re Telemarketing, setting up relationships, and we’re service focused. We need to add relevance to that formula. The best relationships are those that have a relevant need to what you can offer. Here we pay homage to the age old adage “A friend in need is a friend in deed”. If you can establish and convey the essence of the relationship succinctly and well from the outset, both parties have a heart connection. In this there is gold. When we come together we can achieve far more than we can when separated. United we stand at the face of creation. So relevance is the glue that unites us. Relevance is the force that binds us together so that when next the need for what we offer arises – so do we…If we are a relevant seed solution for a known problem, then when a given prospect needs your service in the future, you will sprout to life and be there to help them.

Telemarketing and Relevance

(Telemarketing + Time) x Relationships +Relevance) = New Business

Add Safety to this formula, and we’re heading somewhere…But, what makes us feel safe?
Well, when we deal with relationships in bulk. We are then looking at all of our relationships from a different viewpoint. We’re looking as a mass of people, and when people are en mass they behave very differently.

The best way to make an individual in a group feel safe is to let them know that you are safe with the group.

Humans are very magnetized to the group mentality when it comes to anything that stimulates our fear. Telemarketing certainly brings up fears on both sides of the phone. So, if we can make ourselves clearly safe to the crowd, then the individual feels that, and they feel “safety in numbers” – and are more willing to come with you, in principle. And, principle is all you need. We’re planting seeds that will blossom under the right conditions. The seed will germinate when the prospects feelings (water) and thoughts (fire/light) are struck with a relevant need, and our roots may then surge forth to ground ourselves in this newly growing relationship.

Telemarketing and Safety

Safety x (Telemarketing + Time) x Relationships +Relevance) = New Business

But, how do we make ourselves “safe” to the group? Well, groups look for amalgamating obvious things like, empirical evidence. They need a source of knowledge acquired by means of observation or experimentation. So, tell them that we have had success with people from your group before (it must be true of course).
Tell the online marketing company prospect that your services have had great success in your industry, and that the approach seems to work well in their sector. You can back it up with name dropping, or direct them to the testimonials section of your website if you have one. There are many ways to make our partner feel safe in a new relationship. It’s about consistently applying empathy, applying compassion, and nurturing. That is the essence of why Telemarketing for small to medium businesses works. Small to medium business owners and decision makers are just like you, they are from your group on humankind. They have needs that they want to fulfil and they need relationships to grow these needs into positive attributes.

Telemarketing and Consistency

When we see Telemarketing in this light, we make it about helping, and in that if you apply consistency we will become a very popular, well-liked, safe group member.

Let Team Wired guide your business through the jungles of Telemarketing, all the while utilising our proven formula - Safety x (Telemarketing + Time) x Relationships +Relevance) +Consistency = New Business