Why Websites Need to Be More Like People

We rattle our remote controls, beg our phones to not die out, apologize to our laptops when we drop em, and feel genuine disgust looking at old Web 1.0 interfaces. Why is that?

Because, as human beings we seek human interaction. Its our survival instinct. We see Jesus on toast, see faces on moon rocks, and  figures on a Rosharch ink blot. Its called Pareidolia, and it happens because its easier to interact with a human vs an inanimate object (like a rock or a website). So, whats the significance of all this? How does it affect websites?

Here’s the ugly truth. A website, at its very core, is simply a channel that provides all the information that a consumer needs – designed in a manner that is simple and aesthetically pleasing. Mummas and Papas feel extremely happy when their children are looking their best with a bright smile and clean shoes.

When websites are only designed for this purpose (transaction and not interaction) – there’s a sense of cognitive dissonance in the minds of the visitor. Her query can not be solved effectively and she moves on. Sure the information is all out there, but it might not be the information that she’s looking for, or  maybe there’s too much of it at one go.

There’s a lot of noise out there, and it seems that everyone’s into copy and conversion optimization. What really lies underneath, is the core essence of the website:

1. The personality of the website

2. The tone of the persona

3. The type and level of interaction

4. The persona’s background and his beliefs

We just slipped you a fast one. What does all this mean?

A website is simply a salesman/lead designer/product manager/CEO/secretary represented in their virtual essence.  People coming to these sites have different objectives and different questions to ask from it – before they decide to part with their money. Here at Team Wired, our designers and developers understand how are website works, not just from a technical end, but from how it needs to ENGAGE with the people who visit it.