Top 5 Website Security Myths Exposed

Kaspersky Labs, an antivirus company, estimates that each month there are over 80 million online threats. Almost every week there are reports of cyberattacks and hacked websites in Australia and around the world. Even Ronaldo isn't safe, recently his character in an online soccer game was deleted by hackers. Let's examine the top five myths surrounding website security.

#1 "I don't store credit card data, so security isn't an issue"

Even if you don't store credit card data, lax website security can result in your customer-facing website being unavailable, or worse, defaced. The loss in sales and damage to your brand could deal a huge blow to your business. Not to mention hours or weeks of productivity lost recovering from the disaster. Thwate, an SSL certificate provider, points out an overlooked aspect - "even if you don't sell online, your customers will appreciate the care you take to protect their personal information".

#2 "Only big banks and large corporations need to worry about it"

Not many people realise that many automated programs or "bots" roam the Internet 24/7 accessing websites, indexing pages, and seeking out vulnerabilities. Incapsula, a cybersecurity company, published a study showing that the majority of website traffic is generated by "non-human entities". It found that malicious "bots" make up over 25% of all Internet traffic. So even if you aren't a big target, you could still be easily attacked by an automated program just doing its thing.

#3 "My website is secure enough, any changes will cost me money"

A recent study sponsored by IBM showed that the average cost to respond and fix a data breach is $3.8 million USD. Retailers have seen their average cost per stolen record shoot up from $105 to $165 in this year's study. The question is not how much you can afford to pay for website security, but how much you're willing to pay to fix things when they go pear-shaped. Even if you think your "fix-it" costs will be low, failure to invest properly can cause unnecessary stress and disruption to your business.

#4 "I have the latest antivirus software so my website's fine"

There's a huge difference between the security software running on your computer and the systems securing your website. While it's essential to secure your office PCs, your website uses a unique set of tools and techniques to ensure thieves and vandals stay out. To make matters worse, there isn't a one-click solution to website safety - the way a website is designed and developed also needs to be considered. 

#5 "My website's already built so I don't need to worry about security"

Website security isn't a one-off thing... WordPress White Security found that more than 70% of the top WordPress websites in the world are vulnerable to hacker attacks. They identified the problem - many people create a website then assume it will stay safe and secure forever. Instead, ongoing updates, backups and other maintenance is critical to ensuring the health and robustness of a website 365 days a year. 

Secure your website today

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Photo Credit: Flickr/FutUndBeidl