10 Fascinating Facts About E-Commerce In Australia

Aussies are no slouches when it comes to getting online and (virtually) swiping those credit cards. According to AT Kearney's 2015 Global Retail E-Commerce Index, Australia is ranked 10th worldwide, ahead of Canada, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Singapore. 

Here's 10 fascinating facts regarding Australian e-commerce by SP eCommerce, a member of the Singapore Post group. 

#1 Significant growth opportunities

As of October 2014, online sales only represented about 7% of retail spending. This is predicted to increase to around 10% by 2017. Next year, Aussies are expected to spend an average of USD $4,500 for the year. There's certainly room to grow, perhaps with more online marketing activity.

#2 No NBN? No problem.

In 2014, 90% of Australians already had Internet access, spending an average of 23 hours online each week. 25 to 34 year olds were found to be the most active group online.

#3 No strangers to online shopping

In 2013, 50% of Australians dipped their feet in the waters of online shopping. That same year, 32% of online shoppers spent more time buying online than in-store. 

#4 The mobile revolution

Aussies apparently have an average of 3.1 devices per person - we must have lots of pockets. In any case, just between 2013 and 2014, mobile e-commerce grew from $4.9 billion to $6 billion. Make sure you have a mobile-friendly website.

#5 Social is shoppable (that's a word, I think)

This time last year over half the population was on Facebook, almost 20% on Tumblr and over 10% on Twitter. This gives Australian "social commerce" a few-hundred-million dollar value. 

#6 Guess who's in charge

It's probably politically incorrect to conjecture beyond the numbers, but nonetheless the top three online sales categories were department and variety stores, homewares and appliances, and groceries and liquor. Surprisingly, electronic games and toys came last. 

#7 The big dogs in the game

In October 2014, the top 5 e-commerce sites were eBay Australia, Gumtree, eBay (again), Amazon and OzBargain. Hipster retailers such as Etsy were also popular.

#8 The wide brown land

A 2013 survey showed only 20% of Australian e-commerce operators offered free shipping for customers. With over 50% of sales crossing state lines, operators will have to focus heavily on delivering products quickly and affordably across the continent.

#9 I still call Australia home (sometimes)

Speak to anyone under 35 (no offense to older folk) and you'd probably hear them gripe about what's only available in the USA, Korea or the high mountains of Tibet. Hence it's no surprise that 50% of Australian e-commerce is cross-border.

#10 Showrooming is the new shopping

A strange but important term is "showrooming", whereby a customer uses a combination of online research and in-store research before making a purchase. In 2014 over half of Aussies engaged in "showrooming".

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Photo credit: Flickr/Robbert Noordzij. Research credit: eCommerce in Australia, Singapore Post Limited, SPEcommerce.Com