Australia's 10 Most Valuable Brands

Brand Finance Australia launched its "Australia 100 2015" annual report in March this year. Let's look at how the top Aussie names are doing in terms of brand value, defined as "the value of trademarks, marketing intellectual property and goodwill within the branded business".

#1 Woolworths ($11.0 billion)

Woolworths faced a 10% decline in brand value but remains at the top of Australia's most valuable brands. Apple, Inc. sued Woolworths in 2009 over it's very Apple-like logo but Woolies seems to have weathered that assault and is still the go-to fruit (get it?) company for Aussies.

#2 Telstra ($10.6 billion)

Brand Finance notes Telstra's strong financial performance and expanding 4G network coverage. It also acquired Pacnet last year for $697 million - giving Telstra access to "enterprise and carrier" customers in Asia.

#3 Commonwealth Bank ($9.2 billion)

CBA pipped ANZ with a staggering 50% increase in brand value, due to outstanding performance in "familiarity, loyalty, promotion, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation". Looks like that weird "Can" ad campaign worked out after all.

#4 ANZ ($8.1 billion)

ANZ still managed to increase its brand value by 23% compared to last year. Several months ago it announced it took the next step in "building a global brand with specific focus on the Asia Pacific region" with its "Your World, Your Way" campaign.

#5 BHP Billiton ($7.5 billion)

Brand Finance notes that declining ore prices and BHP's exposure to the oil and gas sector will "likely" lead to a fall in brand value next year. This year BHP slipped from third to fifth position.

#6 Coles ($7.1 billion)

Recently grocery and retail industry competitor Aldi invested $700 million in Western Australia and South Australia. This affected Coles - it slipped from fourth to sixth in brand value.

#7 Westpac ($7.0 billion)

That other Big (red) "W" added 26% to its brand value this year. "Increased brand strength will enable the banks to remain very competitive by building loyalty and minimising customer churn", notes Managing Director of Brand Finance Australia, Mark Crowe.

#8 National Australia Bank ($6.3 billion)

NAB saw a top-up of 12% in brand value. You may have noticed its "More give, less take" campaign featuring (expensively licensed) hero and villain pop culture icons such as Scooby-Doo and Road Runner.

#9 Rio Tinto ($5.2 billion)

Well known to Aussies as "Rio" (not the Brazilian one), this mining giant held firm at ninth position. With over 18,000 likes on their Australian careers Facebook page, perhaps the mining boom isn't over - or at least we hope so.

#10 Optus ($3.8 billion)

Optus moved from animals to that cute-but-strange yellow thing in its advertising and marketing. In March it launched its Netflix partnership with a string of ads featuring Ricky Gervais. Perhaps this will correct its recent loss of 13% in brand value.

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Photo/Info Credits: Logopedia, Brand Finance Australia.