5 Video Game Logos That (Drastically) Changed

#1 Nintendo

Nintendo started as a playing card company in 1889 then moved into the Japanese toy industry in the 1960's. It created the handheld video game market in 1980 with "Game & Watch" and released a slew of home and portable video game consoles over several decades. Today we know Nintendo for its legendary characters such as Mario Brothers and its Wii U device. Rumours are that Nintendo will release a brand new hardware and software platform called "NX" in 2016. We can't wait to see what kind of online marketing campaign they'll use for this mysterious product.

#2 Sega

This world-famous Japanese video game company started in 1940 under the name Standard Games, based in Hawaii. During World War 2 it changed its name to Service Games, providing slot-machine entertainment to American and then Japanese servicemen. During the heyday of the 80's and 90's home video game consoles Sega shot to fame with its devices and unforgettable characters such as Sonic The Hedgehog. Today it employs almost 5,000 people across the world in a variety of software, game and entertainment-related industries.

#3 Electronic Arts

EA begin as a game developer for video game consoles in the early 1990s. By the 2000s, it had become one of the world's largest third-party publishers, with key franchises such as EA Sports, The Sims and Command & Conquer. In 2011 it acquired PopCap Games, the maker of Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled. With its massive PC, console and mobile entertainment portfolio, EA continues to thrive and recently announced its "Competitive Gaming Divison" focusing on the exploding E-Sports market.

#4 Ubisoft

Ubisoft's largest development studio is in Montreal, Canada where it employs over 2,000 people. It was started in 1986 by five brothers and by the early 90's it became the largest distributor of video games in France. These days they're best known for games such as the mega-huge Assassin's Creed franchise, sometimes made in several different continents at once - Ubisoft has subsidiaries and offices in Toronto, Milan, Paris, Singapore and Shanghai, to name a few.

#5 Microsoft

Although best known for its Windows operating system, Microsoft's game development division was established as far back as 2002 to support the first Xbox. It develops and publishes games in partnership with a variety of development studios. Notable franchises include Gears of War and Halo. With the latest Xbox One console Microsoft continues to ensure quality content through 29 studios worldwide.

So there you have it. While your business may not have been around during World War 2 or the Cold War, your branding needs to change with the times. Get a brand checkup with Team Wired - we'll ensure your corporate identity and marketing material match your business goals and today's fickle audience. Contact us today.

Credits: Logopedia, Wikipedia. Inspired by Robert Quigley's "15 Retro Video Game Company Logos and their Modern-Day Counterparts", TheMarySue.Com